Dawn’s Art

“To me, Art is about more than accurately reproducing an image from the world around us, although there is great joy in being able to do that. To this day, I feel immense pleasure when I watch the image come alive on the page as it flows into me from the thing itself and then down through my heart, my arm, and the material and back out into the world as a new variant of its essential self. But Art is also, to me and to many Indigenous peoples, a ritual. That is to say, it is a dance of sacred engagement between the artist and the universe that changes both dancers in some indefinable but discernable way. It is therefore a vitally important way that human beings learn about themselves and the natural world.” — Dawn Hill Adams

sm.Science-cover-9.14.79-773x1024-226x300From 1974 to 1986, I worked as a scientific illustrator, draftsman, structural detailer, and advertising and design artist. My work was published in magazines, journals, books, museum publications  and advertisements. One of my two covers of the journal Science, which represents this large body of work, is shown at the left.

I quit commercial art and illustration in 1986, but continue to do individually consigned jobs such as portraits from time to time. Since then, my art work has focused on my own interest areas. Samples include Girl and Lamb, Barn Owl, and Gentle Giant seen below. These pieces of work are mixed media, primarily a combination of pencil, ink, and watercolor.