The Horses Need Your Help to Help Other Humans!

In this season when the light returns to the world, please help us provide new sessions of Horse Ibachakali to the many people who are in need of its healing power. This unique program of mindfulness, Indigenous worldview, and Mustangs re-establishes connection to the natural world, to other human beings, and to our own bodies — the root of wellness and well-being. It does this through sessions that integrate Indigenous worldview, mindfulness, and Mustangs in an empowering experience that transforms individual human lives. Learn more, and find out how you can help the strong and compassionate mustangs of Horse Ibachakali respond to the needs of the many people who have wanted to feel their touch once again. Your generous year-end donation, which supports the horses and staff, and provides scholarship assistance to those in need, is tax-deductible.

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