How We Work

Tapestry operates out of Indigenous worldview.  It was founded to do so.

We understand and explain our mission to others using the Sacred Circle.

All of our work is done within Indigenous worldview. For us, this primarily refers to the processes of acquiring, responding to, and sharing Knowledge through different ways of learning, and to the fundamental tenet common to many Indigenous peoples that the Land — the material world that is the Earth and everything on it, plus all the universe around us — is alive. As a result, our meetings are held on sacred land whenever possible, and always have opportunities for participants to spend time outdoors. Also, our meetings and programs emphasize learning in community, relationship and reciprocity, and basic elements of mindful awareness.

We ask participants in our meetings to temporarily transition into Indigenous worldview when they participate in our meetings and programs, rather than assume that contemporary modern worldview is a “norm” that has no real or practical alternatives. We provide support for this transition in meetings to help people have powerfully positive experiences. Horses, most of whom are mustangs, help us to help people who are not familiar with Indigenous worldview. Participants in our meetings learn to balance, center, and connect so they can experience Indigenous worldview and participate more collaboratively.