Logging Company Says This Forest Does Not Matter!

We have received word this morning from Tero Mustonen in Indigenous Finnish-Karelian lands of Selkie in Finland: “Negotiations have not produced any movement from the Metsähallitus state company.” This is a very serious situation, as Metsähallitus State Enterprise in Finland has been in breach of its PEFC Certificate1 for decades in Karelia. It is not responding to international pressure to preserve the old-growth boreal forest of Ostala because it clearly does not believe this forest or its priceless biological, cultural, and spiritual resources matter.

Only continued international pressure can change their plans and save this forest!

Four new letters are linked to the bottom of this post, to send the company and show them that this forest DOES matter and that the people of the world are watching what happens. Please download and send them, and circulate this link to others. Let them know all they have to do is download the letter, sign it, and send it to the email address on the page.

There is also a petition that you can sign, here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Metsahallitus_Company_We_call_on_you_to_save_Ostola_Forest_in_North_Karelia_Finland/?njLJMib

Circulate the petition link on Facebook please!

This is not a big forest area and it will not net that much profit for Metsähallitus. This makes the destruction of such a precious resource especially tragic, as the gain will be not only private but very short-term. On the other hand, it means Metsähallitus may be willing to back down and let the land live if enough people rattle enough doors.


Letters for download to Metsähallitus officials:

Mr. Esa Härmälä, General Director : esa.harmala@metsa.fi

Mr. Antti Otsamo, Head of Development and Environment : antti.otsamo@metsa.fi

Mr. Jussi Kumpula, Director : jussi.kumpula@metsa.fi

Mr. Ville Schildt, Responsible Official, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry :  ville.schildt@mmm.fi

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