Presentations & Publications

Tapestry Co-Presidents Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D. and Jo Belasco, Esq. make invited presentations around the country on a number of subjects, to many different kinds of groups, and publish educational materials in a variety of forms. They both do private consulting as well, in areas of  professional expertise tangential to and somewhat outside of Tapestry’s mission.

Upcoming talks:

Recent talks:


Adams, Dawn Hill. 2016. In Service to the Land: Indigenous Research Methods in the Natural Sciences. Tapestry Institute Occasional Papers, 2(1a).

Dawn Hill Adams, Shawn Wilson, Ryan Heavy Head, and Edmund W. Gordon. 2015.  “Ceremony at a Boundary Fire: A Story of Indigenist Knowledge.” Available for free download at the University of Sydney eRepository site.

Adams, Dawn Hill. 2015. Henry Ford and the Historical Roots of Current Education Reform. Tapestry Institute Occasional Papers, 1(4).

Adams, Dawn Hill and Jo Belasco. 2015. The Mythic Roots of Western Culture’s Alienation from Nature. Tapestry Institute Occasional Papers, 1(3).

Adams, Dawn Hill. 2015. Assessment as Acculturation: Procrustes in the Land Between the Mountain and the Sea. Tapestry Institute Occasional Papers, 1(2).

Adams, Dawn Hill. 2015. Of pipelines and rivers: science and Indigenous ways. Tapestry Institute Occasional Papers, 1(1).