Press Release: Logging Company Plans to Clear-Cut Santa’s Home By Christmas.

Edge of Havukkavaara forest

The boreal forest of Santa’s traditional homeland, slated to be clear-cut by Finnish loggers in December.




Logging Company Plans to Clear-Cut Santa’s Home By Christmas.

Finnish logging company Metsähallitus plans to clear-cut the forest of Santa’s traditional homeland.

Longmont, CO.  December 5, 2014

The forest that is home to epic poems, age-old oral histories, traditions and cultures, and even Santa Claus himself — who is originally from Korvatunturi, Finland – faces clear-cut logging if a moratorium isn’t in place by early next week.

Ostola Forest, the last of the unprotected boreal forests in the Finnish-Karelian homeland area of Selkie, is targeted for total destruction by Finnish Logging Company Metsähallitus. Since Metsähallitus has been clear-cutting many old-growth forests in villages of Karelia across Finland despite local opposition, it is greatly feared that Ostola Forest will join all the other boreal forest landscapes in Santa’s homeland that have been, and are actively being, annihilated.

This forest has become internationally known for its community relevance and biodiversity, being home to large boreal mammals such as the European Brown Bear, Wolverine, Lynx, Boreal Wolf and EU Directive –relevant bird species, including several Owl species, the Greenish Warbler, Capercaillie and Forest Grouse. It is the last of the unprotected boreal forests in the area of Selkie. Ostola forest is now applying to become a member of the international, UN-recognized network of Indigenous and Local Community Conserved Areas. During the World Parks Congress held recently in Australia, the Head of the Conservation of Biological Conservation and Global Environmental Facility of the United Nations listened with surprise and concern to the urgency of the situation of the Ostola forest and the planned Metsähallitus clear cuts. An international outcry has arisen over Metsähallitus’ plans, but the company remains poised to move on its plans to clear-cut in the very near future unless a moratorium is put into effect in the next few days.

Snowchange Cooperative ( is the Indigenous organization leading the effort to protect Ostola Forest. Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D., of Tapestry Institute ( is a Choctaw Indian scientist and a member of the steering committee for Snowchange. Says Adams, “Ostola forests is part of the deepest genetic heritage of Americans of European descent. The old-growth boreal forest of Finland is tied to the roots and hearts of people who live in North America, Australia, England, France, Germany, and other countries around the world today. It’s responsible for the stories and images of Santa Claus and his reindeer – reindeer are native to Finland, and it’s written as deeply into our collective consciousness as the snow-covered forests on Christmas cards and the flocked evergreen decorations we put up in our homes. This is a landscape whose life, wisdom, and power desperately need to be preserved.”

But it could be gone by the end of the month if Metsähallitus acts the part of the ultimate Grinch.

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