Online Learning

tornadosequenceOnline Learning has always been an important part of Tapestry’s work because so few easily-accessible resources clearly explain the Indigenous philosophical premises on which we base the things we do.  We have therefore worked diligently to explain the core principles of the Circle and the ways those apply to Ways of Learning and Knowing and our mission. In the process, we created pages that apply the different Ways of Knowing to a specific natural phenomenon — tornadoes — so that people can see how the system works.

Our pages on Intellectual, Experiential, Spiritual, Mythic, and Integrated Ways of Learning About Tornadoes have always been popular and were even quoted extensively in The Washington Post after tornadoes hit Washington DC area on September 24, 2001. These pages remain in fairly heavy use by the public as well as students in elementary and high school classrooms.

Educational pages we’ve posted about Indigenous ScienceThe Range of Indigenous Science, The Processes of Indigenous Science, The Importance of Indigenous Science, and A Brief History of Indigenous Science — were initially put up to explain the context of our work in that field at the time, and these have also remained an important resource to many people, including students in some tribal colleges.

In the years since we first published both the Tornado pages and the ones on Indigenous Science, many more resources have become available.  But since people still access what we have up, we have kept in place the resources that serve those who find them useful.

Finally, as we’ve carried out the work of explaining what we do and why we do it, we have found ourselves needing to explain — and therefore preparing educational webpages about — fundamental concepts such as Modern Worldview, Indigenous Worldview, Emergence, Myth, Paradigm, Paradigm Shifts, and The LandThese pages are not listed in our menu but may be found via their links here or through the search feature beneath the menu on each page.

More recently, we have published an Occasional Paper series, and we are excited to announce that we’re working on several new video series at Youtube and Vimeo. Your tax-deductable donation can help us produce more videos, more quickly.