The Call of the Porcupine

Have you ever heard a porcupine call?  Tapestry Institute was based at Sowbelly Ranch in Northwestern Nebraska from fall 2004 through fall 2007.  A catastrophic wildfire swept through the canyon and surrounding 50,000 acres in the summer of 2006.  That fall, Jo Belasco, Esq. of Tapestry, recorded calls of porcupines one evening.  The porcupines came close to the house area of the ranch after the wildfire in order to eat apples from the apple trees near the buildings.  Jo hiked the canyon the entire year after the wildfire and never found any dead animals or animal bones in connection with the wildfire.  Check out this video to hear the porcupine and see pictures of porcupines who lived at Tapestry’s ranch.

Photos and video copyright Tapestry Institute.

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