A Program for Women and Horses

NOTE:  We have just relocated to the Boulder area and will be updating our site with current information.  Thank you for your patience!

It’s not about control, dominance, and submission.
It’s about balance, center, and connection.
It’s about leadership, partnership, and relationship.
It’s about finding the strength inside you to be the horsewoman you’ve always wanted to be.

Women and Horses is a unique program of lessons and retreats designed to help women understand and actualize the innate, intuitive and powerful understanding we have of the horse-woman relationship.

Lessons focus on the principles we emphasize in our Balance-Center-Connect Riding Program, but in a unique one-on-one format of private instruction that applies the principles to individual women riders. Retreats provide opportunities for exciting, fun, and powerful learning experiences in small groups at your own barn or horse organization meeting place.  Retreats and lessons are available to women ages 15 and over in the the Colorado front range and high plains regions, and essays and information about women and horses are available to horsewomen everywhere in our Voice of the Horse blogEmail us, explore the pages listed in the top menu, or phone 719-347-3090 to find out how you can participate.

“As long as we do not ask the horse to forget who he is, he will remind us of who we want to be.” — Melissa Sovey-Nelson, “If I Had A Horse How Different My Life Would Be.”

Image credit: “Amazone” by sculptor Louis Tuaillon, 1895. Berlin Museum.