Heroes in a time of pandemic

Stories in all the worlds’ spiritual traditions tell us of great spiritual heroes who found treasures of incalculable worth in situations most of us would consider unbearably tragic and painful. In the process of doing this, they gave us all another great gift: that of understanding the true nature of reality and the potential for growth that lies in every situation — even one that is tragic and painful. Heroes find treasure in monsters’ lairs, love in a wasteland, hope in the moment of utter despair, life in the belly of death. Treasure, hope, love, and life exist in a time of pandemic. Be heroic.

Across the Creek PBS Video

albert_white_hat_pbs_special_11_14This PBS video entitled Across the Creek documents the Lakota’s quest for healing and restoration.  One of the main people interviewed is the late Albert White Hat.  Albert was an amazing man, full of kindness and wisdom. He was the Elder on our Board of Directors, and we miss him. Watch the video all the way to the end. The hawk story is very powerful. I will always remember Albert sharing that story with us at a meeting we had for a Native Science film that met on September 11, 2001.