Donor-Participant Program

Welcome to the IKhana Fund program for Donor-Participants! This page and the ones that follow prepare you for that experience and provide a resource you can access as you journey into Indigenous reality.

Navigating the landscape of an entirely different worldview can sometimes feel unsettling. But Indigenous people have been doing it for centuries, so we’re confident you can do it too. It really just takes two things to succeed. The first is time. You’ve got to be patient as your senses adjust to a whole new world of possibilities you never even imagined. Second, it takes understanding that many of the things you’ve always thought of as “normal” are not normal, or even true, in a place outside Western worldview. The less you assume you know what’s happening, and the more you can instead be simply open and curious to the experiences that blossom in every direction, the more productive and wonderful this adventure will be.

We are happy to help you make sense of the things you experience, as you make this journey. Please feel free to talk to or email Dawn or Shawn about any questions, concerns, or problems you have as the program unfolds.

And now it’s time for us to start things off!  Please use the Menu below to select information that helps you navigate the part of the path you’re on right now.

How We Work
Learning in Community
Mindful Awareness
The One Big Rule
Traveling a Different Path
Signposts to Watch For