Where You Want to Be

This collage depicts the kind of place most people in Western culture want to live — the place you might want to be. But take a very close look at that picture, and think about what’s missing there as you read the Story we’ll share with you now. That Story helps show you what an “Indigenous-led environmental project” can look like, and how it develops over time.

Story can teach because, if it’s told properly, Story is the original distance learning mechanism. But Story is far more powerful, and a lot more enjoyable, than any internet classroom or streaming webinar that delivers distance learning. Story engages us so deeply that books, movies, and television programs are an important part of many peoples’ lives. Sacred Story, in particular, permits us to meet and come to know people, places, and events far from our own daily lives, and to learn from those experiences as if we, ourselves, had been there and had those experiences.

The Story told in the following pages was given to the writer especially for you. The Deer of the Grandmother’s Dream you will meet invites you through the fence between your world and ours. She, and we, are holding up the bottom strand of wire for you to slip under it. So come on. Slide under the bottom wire of that fence. Then let me dust the pine needles off your jeans as you stand up. . . And now come with me into a Story that is all about What Comes Through the Fence.

(This time, there’s no link to take you back to the main IKhana Fund page. Just come on through the fence, instead. You know you want to.)