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The images in this collage aren’t pictures of environments from long ago that have since been restored. They are pictures of a world that has already invested more than 50 years in concerted ecological, legal, and social initiatives to stop environmental degradation. Clearly, Western-led environmental initiatives aren’t as effective we all wish they were. That being the case, why do we say Indigenous-­­led environmental initiatives are more effective? And if they somehow are more effective, how is this possible?

The pages linked below address these questions. The first page provides simple statistics from Western studies on biodiversity that suggest there really is something different about the ways Indigenous people people care for our lands. It outlines a call for transformative change in response. The second page explains that Indigenous-led environmental projects are more effective, at least in part, because Indigenous people perceive the natural world in ways people in Western culture have forgotten. The third page leads you to a special Story about how these differences of perception play out in the relationships Indigenous people have with the natural world. The pages of this Story depict some of the most important ways that Indigenous Knowledge plays out in contemporary times. All of them are ones IKhana Fund is being designed to support.

Why Is It Important to Support Indigenous-Led Environmental Projects?

Indigenous Perception

Where You Want to Be

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