Indigenous Online Meeting Software

In November of 2019, the Land led us to develop an Indigenized online meeting software that can replace Zoom in Indigenous communities. Dreams last winter encouraged us to pursue a way of actualizing this vision when we began to question its necessity, since we didn’t yet know then that a worldwide pandemic would destroy Indigenous peoples’ ability to travel and meet together face-to-face for a very long time. The fact that we were given the seed of solution for a problem we didn’t know we had yet actually demonstrates one of the more important aspects of Indigenous Knowledge. And the fact that the project was given to us when and as it was, and that it has developed at the pace it has, strongly suggests the sad possibility that our communities will still need such software more than a year from now. We have also realized that even once the pandemic has abated, travel may be restricted for other reasons. This software will give our people the option to communicate in ways that support the collaborative, relational interactions typical of traditional Indigenous meeting protocols. The team working on this “Cyberstones” software project includes nine people, from two  Aboriginal nations in Australia and seven Native American and First Nations peoples of North America.