Indigenous Knowledge on Climate

A beautiful website of resources from and about First Nations Indigenous Knowledge related to climate change has been published, and it’s worth your attention. (Here is the link written out in case that’s useful — There are videos, maps, stories and other resources to explore, including one by the great Elder Sheila Watt Cloutier.

You know you belong to the Land

Indigenous understandings of the world and of life are woven deeply into the American experience in ways you simply don’t notice. Here’s an example, one that should give you a lift of powerful joy. It’s from the very end of the main number for which the movie “Oklahoma!”(1) is named. The scene takes place at Read More

Mythic roots of Western culture’s alienation from nature

As Earth Day approaches this Friday, April 22, 2016, you may be reading a lot about Western culture’s disconnection from the natural world.  You may wonder why Western culture became disconnected from the natural world all around it.  The Mythic Roots of Western Culture’s Alienation from Nature, written and published by Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D. Read More

Battle of the Forest is Over: Victory in Ostola!

Wonderful news from Tero Mustonen about  resolution to the logging threats that faced Ostola Forest: Today Metsähallitus and Snowchange Cooperative, together have reached a solution regarding the Ostola lot, which is a part of the Havukkavaara old-growth forest located in Selkie village, North Karelia, Finland. Metsähallitus will conserve 18,3 hectares of old-growth boreal and surrounding Read More