Hunkering Down with the Horses

The wind came rolling down the canyon, rustling the pines and then spreading out along the flattened area where the horses would normally be grazing. We had been told a big snow storm was coming, perhaps even a blizzard. I had put hay in the two barns, hoping to encourage the horses to seek shelter Read More

Some COVID Hope in Quarantine

We’ve talked about how important it is to slow down and start living in Real Time if you want to get in touch with the beneficial wisdom of Indigenous Knowledge that can generate COVID hope. Here’s your opportunity to experience Real Time, at least a little bit, and the peace it can bring in a Read More

The Canyon Hike Series, Part 5

There was an interesting weather phenomenon called freezing fog that happened in the canyon after the wildfire. Fog moved in during the winter and because it was cold, it froze on many things in the canyon. Many times, because of the way fog moves, it would freeze on one half of something (a tree or Read More