Stormchaser Warnings

Humorous warning to would-be stormchasers from an old Steve Miller chase report in North Central Texas on May 8, 1998: “The ‘Bowling Ball’ supercells as Roger Edwards so accurately described it. These vicious HP supercells did all of the chasing this trip. Chasers everywhere were running for their lives including yours truly who narrowly dodged baseball sized hail. No pictures, but a chase report or more accurately a fleeing report.”

A more formal warning to the public from Adam Frederick’s stormchaser site. Used with permission: “DISCLAIMER: Remember storm chasing exposes chasers to many hazardous and potentially deadly weather conditions such as lightning, dangerous roads, damaging winds, hail, and flying debris which puts the chaser’s life at risk, particularly those who have little or no experience and/or storm structure education. Learning to deal with these is best done by understanding supercells and thunderstorms, and riding with an experienced chaser before attempting to chase on their own. The author of these pages does not encourage storm chasing and is therefore not responsible for any actions as a result of what is seen here!”

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