Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Knowledge, sometimes know as IK, includes bodies of information, processes of coming to know that information, and the source of the information itself. That is to say, Indigenous Knowledge includes what people know, how they come to know it as considered from a human perspective, and how they come to know it with regard to the Knowledge itself. Indigenous Knowledge is not an archaic system or a body of practice that has disappeared. It is alive and active in the world.

Tapestry’s Heart of the Earth Center for Advancing Indigenous Knowledge, Yakni i Chukash, provides a powerful platform for education and research that helps such Knowledge manifest. The words you are reading now have yet to be finalized because the Center is such a new initiative that we are still creating the page texts and layout. In the meantime, you can avail yourself of our existing resources on Indigenous Knowledge, the processes of IK that we model as Ways of Knowing and Learning, and our publications that apply these concepts to important issues.