Jo with Cisco, one of the horses who helped found Tapestry’s Horse-Human Relationship Program (presently on hiatus due to the pandemic).

Co-President Joanne (Jo) L. Belasco, Esq. came into Tapestry as Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Sponsored Research Officer in 1998, and served in that capacity until September of 2007 when she accepted the mantle of President. She received her J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston in 1993 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (1990) from Boston College.  She worked as an attorney for the Boston Police Department and was Editor-in-Chief of Law Enforcement Publications for Quinlan Publishing before joining Tapestry.  She is an experienced professional riding instructor and horse trainer.  Tapestry’s newest focus area, Indigenizing Environmental Law, manifests Jo’s passion to infuse the field of environmental law with the power of Indigenous worldview. Belasco also initiated and developed Tapestry’s Horse-Human Relationship Program in 2001, which integrates horses, mindfulness, and Indigenous worldview to teach people about the relationship between humans and nature.  (The program is on hiatus due to the pandemic.) She is an ecopsychology educator and carries out scholarship in the fields of ecofeminism, spiritual ecology, and the horse-human and nature-human relationships. Jo particularly enjoys helping people of Western culture learn how to overcome their fear of nature and begin relating to it in a more indigenist way. [Contact Jo]