IPCC Requests Indigenous Input

Important Announcement to all Indigenous persons involved in Indigenous Knowledge as it pertains to climate change in any way: Friend and Colleague Tero Mustonen of Snowchange in Finland has announced that submission statements about Indigenous Knowledge are being solicited for the next IPCC report. The call for statements, which may be found in its entirety Read More

Circling Back Home

Twelve years ago this month, we had to leave our beloved ranch in Northwestern Nebraska. The programs that we ran on the land there were life-changing for people who participated. While it was incredibly hard to leave, we had no choice because of the financial consequences of the wildfire that had swept through the ranch Read More

Happy Anniversary, Tapestry Institute

Twenty years ago, Dawn Adams, Ph.D. created Tapestry Institute in order to reconnect people with the natural world by using different ways of knowing, learning about, and responding to the natural world. Tapestry has a history of creating ground-breaking programs, such as our Indigenous Science Program. Through this program, Tapestry held the first conference dedicated Read More

Battle of the Forest is Over: Victory in Ostola!

Wonderful news from Tero Mustonen about  resolution to the logging threats that faced Ostola Forest: Today Metsähallitus and Snowchange Cooperative, together have reached a solution regarding the Ostola lot, which is a part of the Havukkavaara old-growth forest located in Selkie village, North Karelia, Finland. Metsähallitus will conserve 18,3 hectares of old-growth boreal and surrounding Read More

Urgent help to protect an Old Growth Forest Elder in Northern Europe!

Indigenous peoples live all over the world, and everywhere they have deep ties to the Land. Indigenous and traditional peoples still living in Europe, such as the Finns and Karelians, comprise the root stock of many people living in North America today. Their continuing relationship with the ancient boreal forests of Scandinavia play out to this Read More