Value Change for Survival

Onandaga and Seneca Faithkeeper Oren Lyons shares wisdom in this 2014 video posted on the TreeTV channel at Youtube in 2015. As, or after, you watch the video, reflect on the questions below the video window. You may benefit from looking them over before you play it so you can have them already in mind.

The title of this page and of the video, “Value Change for Survival,” is not arbitrary. Oren Lyons and Akio Matsumura coined this phrase to summarize the work of the U.N.’s GLOBAL FORUM OF SPIRITUAL AND PARLIAMENTARY LEADERS ON HUMAN SURVIVAL, an international forum “charged to promote dialog between religious and political leaders in order to turn the tide of the growing environmental crisis.”

Video credits: and, with funding provided by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Questions to facilitate your conceptual weaving process:

What two signals does Oren Lyons say the Elders of the past told us to watch for, that would tell us the earth is beginning to deteriorate?

How do these compare to alert signals an ecologist would generate?

What do you think that difference means about the two worldviews involved?

What is Oren Lyons’ take on human ability to fix the environmental problems we face by engaging in environmental interventions?

What does Oren Lyons think can make a difference?

How would you describe “nature’s law,” that Oren Lyons explains in several different passages, to someone in Western culture¬† who has not heard his message? What do you think are the most important parts of “nature’s law” for people in Western culture to understand?

Oren Lyons predicted some changes in weather events back in 2014 that are manifesting in 2020 and 2021. What seems important about these?

What are the values that Oren Lyons says people need to change in order to survive?

Where did Oren Lyons get the information he shared in this video?

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