Indigenous and Local Community Conserved Areas Movement Meeting

Tero Mustonen of Snowchange (of which Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D. is a steering committee member) sent an update today from his and Kaisu’s big trip. This is exciting news!

“Here we are in sunny Sydney, and wrapped up 5 days of the Indigenous and Local Community Conserved Areas Movement meeting.

“Snowchange was accepted as the ‘Arctic’ member of this loose movement of Indigenous peoples and local communities from five continents. Many of you know people from the movement, but there were none from Arctic, so I passed all of steering committee greetings and look forwards working with them.

“There is no specific aim to the movement, rather to act as a support network right now for the immediate threats, such as mining. So if there is some urgent turns of events, let me know, and we can now call upon 76 aboriginal communities globally for support letters. They also have really good communities from Spain involved for the Europe work / me and Chris.”