Spiritual ways of knowing are keyed to the great paradoxes humans face: the complementarity of light and darkness, illness and health, life and death. That the best of our existence is interlaced with perilous and tragic events challenges any sentient being, and it is often in spirituality that we find expression of the mysterious, unspeakable Read More

Nature is not a resource

Canada recently announced it is holding an international summit in April concerning the protection of nature. I was excited about the announcement because I believe that nature needs all the protection it can get nowadays. I eagerly clicked on the announcement. When I read the first sentence, I froze. It reads, “Nature is our most Read More

Indigenous and Local Community Conserved Areas Movement Meeting

Tero Mustonen of Snowchange (of which Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D. is a steering committee member) sent an update today from his and Kaisu’s big trip. This is exciting news! “Here we are in sunny Sydney, and wrapped up 5 days of the Indigenous and Local Community Conserved Areas Movement meeting. “Snowchange was accepted as the Read More

Painting Our Children Into a Corner

I learned something horrifying today about one of the things children are taught to do in some horse therapy programs. Here’s a picture to show you. They paint the horse. That’s right. They are taught that a horse is a “perfect canvas.” They paint things that help them process difficult emotions, which is good standard Read More