Circling Back Home

Twelve years ago this month, we had to leave our beloved ranch in Northwestern Nebraska. The programs that we ran on the land there were life-changing for people who participated. While it was incredibly hard to leave, we had no choice because of the financial consequences of the wildfire that had swept through the ranch Read More

The Power of Story: Procrustes in the Land Between the Mountain and the Sea

Last fall I had the great privilege of making a keynote address to the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment at their meeting in Chicago, Illinois. Although I developed my presentation on different ways of knowing and the ways that contemporary practices of assessment relate to them with that audience in mind, this particular Read More


[Note:  If you have not read yet the page about the Circle, please consider doing that now, before you read this page.] The sun rises each day in the East, which is therefore the starting point for the journey of the Circle.  East is the place of new beginnings — of birth and rebirth, the Read More

The Circle

Tapestry was founded by a Choctaw Indian woman to operate out of Indigenous worldview. The Circle common to many Indigenous peoples helps to explain Tapestry’s organizational system — how we see the world around us and our place in it, and therefore what we do and how  we do it. The fact that we use Read More