Some COVID Hope in Quarantine

We’ve talked about how important it is to slow down and start living in Real Time if you want to get in touch with the beneficial wisdom of Indigenous Knowledge that can generate COVID hope. Here’s your opportunity to experience Real Time, at least a little bit, and the peace it can bring in a Read More

The Canyon Hike Series, Part 7

This blog entry is really a photo essay of rebirth in the canyon.  You may recognize the locations in the first pictures…or maybe you don’t. They were very badly burned and are pictured at the beginning of the hike, back in August of 2006. Slowly, they began to come alive with new grasses and flowers.  Read More

The Canyon Hike Series, Part 6

As spring approached, it became clear that the canyon was going to be even more beautiful than before the fire, something we had never imagined to be possible. Buttes that had been invisible could now be seen. And along with them, new grass and wildflowers. The contrast between the green of the new grass and Read More