Free online learning materials have always been an important part of Tapestry’s mission. This page of Resources lists our substantial catalog of such materials, including informative text about Indigenous Knowledge and Indigenous Ways of Knowing. More recently we have begun to post educational video and audio files, particularly as part of the Horse-Human Relationship Program. These kinds of resources will increase substantially once we secure a new facility and have a suitable environment for producing outdoor videos. The Land and the Law program provides a unique perspective on connection to the land using various legal systems and ideas, as well as relationship and reciprocity.

Tapestry’s Occasional Paper series consists of original full-length publications for the general public and also for professional and academic communities specializing in Indigenous Knowledge, environmental studies, ecopsychology, philosophy of science, epistemology, pedagogy, evaluation, assessment, and Daoist Studies (a codified system of nature-based knowledge in China). Other professional publications by Tapestry staff are listed separately here.

We update this catalog page regularly as we add new pages of educational text, video files, and audio files.

Tapestry’s social media materials  and blog posts are not catalogued on this page. To access Tapestry’s social media accounts, please use one of the links in the right side column of this page. To access our blogs, use the list at the bottom of the right side column of this page.

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